The lid is finally coming off. Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host have been around Earth for a very long time. Pleiadian Ships on the other hand are more recent. A very large fleet of Pleiadian Ships, now present, is very recent. The presence of the large Pleiadian Fleet is now being revealed, plus the fact that over half a billion Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host are also now present in Earth's atmosphere today. The Ships are hiding barefaced in the noonday sun and are finally being revealed. The Heavenly Host and Pleiadian Fleet are the good guys in the UFO picture.

Fig. 1 - Pleiadian Ships

To recap from, the Outer Creation is currently over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within it's infancy. The bottom line of Creation is the fifth Dimension. On only about twenty five hundred planets does a third dimensional population like Earth also exist. All of them, including Earth, are ill consequence of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. The contaminated planets only exist in this Local Universe because this local Universe is the only one in all of Creation to have the special Cosmic Overplus attribution which the Luciferian Rebellion relied upon to ferment their social discord against the Laws of Creation. The Cosmic Overplus is an primary ingredient in a New Day of Creation now in it's initial stages of start up. 

Earth is in the bottom ten percent of third dimensional harsh conditions, but is at the top of the ten percent. A number of Planets in the Pleiadian Solar Sector also have third dimensional populations. These however are much higher up the ladder of conditions than earth, some are close to the top. Ships from these planets have been visiting Earth for many millennia. Their purpose has been benign, with the intention of help Earth finally evolve up into the Galactic Community as a whole.

The problem was that the Pleiadians, for being in the third dimension, were not in the loop and were not appraised of the Great  plan for redemption now underway. Since the bottom line of Creation is the fifth dimension, the lower planetary populations involved are not evolving up into the fifth dimension as they are being returned to the fifth where they belong.

Likewise, Humanity has not evolved enough to finally become welcomed into the Galactic Community at large. Earth's conditions are being cleared away so that Earth can be welcomed back into the Galactic Community as a member in good standing, from whence it has been quarantined for the past two hundred and fifty thousand years.

Through Luciferian meddling, Earth's population fell from the fifth dimension to the third dimension three and a half million years ago and has been subject to the lower dimensions ever since. That condition is now being brought to an end. Over the next two thousand years, through the Age of Aquarius, Mankind is being raised in consciousness sufficiently to return to the fifth dimension and all life in the third dimension will be relinquished.

The Luciferian Rebellion commenced five billion years ago until officially ended by Christ on the Mount two thousand years ago. At the time all off world space craft dwelling in atmospheres of  planets not of their own, were put under quarantine, and have remained there ever since and including the thousand or so 'Off Worlders' around Earth, at the time which included the Pleiadians as a second Quarantine involving Earth..  

Altogether about twenty seven thousand Planets in this Local Universe of a thousand Galaxies had their frequencies disrupted by the Rebellion. Of those, only the twenty five hundred also had a third dimensional population precipitated on it's surface. A clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Rebellion, called Armaggedon, is now underway. This is involving all of the Planets of this Local Universe that were Luciferian affected. In particular, Earth is the first to officially have it's population returned the fifth dimension and is the beta test for finding beneficial ways to clean up the Planetary conditions without bringing harm to the resident collective consciousness. So what's currently happening on Earth is no small potatoes.

Currently Earth is being awashed with higher frequency Cosmic radiations of a kind unparalleled at any time in history. The incoming Energies are for Earth's own evolutionary sake, destined to become a proto Starr in the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years from now. As above, so below, children become parents. Planets become Starrs. The Energy levels around the Earth, in preparation at this present time, in preparation have never been matched at any time in Creation, and will not be again for many many hundreds of thousands of years to come.

'Revelations' states that, 'Michael and his Angels won a war in the Heavens and the Dragon was cast into the Earth'. Meaning, all those with Luciferian conditions in their consciousness were rounded up from the twenty seven thousand odd planets involved, and put into Earth's incarnating cycles to have the opportunity to benefit from the unprecedented higher radiations now present to cleanse their mal-consciousness issues once and for all. The reason behind the population boom. 

Some Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host have always been around Earth. The Bible Refers to the Heavenly host constantly. In the early nineteen fifties, the presence of the Radionnic Ships  was greatly increased to help Mankind in dissolving out from their consciousnesses their Luciferian conditions. including those also in the thousand odd tin pot ships under quarantine around Earth. In the spring of two thousand and sixteen, the presence of the fleet was enormously increased and now numbers over a billion ships in Earth's fourth dimension at any given time.

The Ships are fifth dimensional Ships of Light which project only into the fourth dimension and can't be directly seen by the naked eye, Their presence, however, is readily recognizable by specific signature effects that their magnetic fields induce upon the cloud covers below once you know what to look for. A full official disclosure of these signatures is given at:

The thousand odd tin pots under quarantine are also fifth dimensional, but were modified in their home planetary regions to project as matter into their third dimensions. Consequently, the ones around Earth can also project as matter into Earth's third dimension and comprise the bulk of the so called UFOlogy activities taking place on Earth at the present time.

In the early nineteen sixties a small contingent of Pleiadians from the uncontaminated areas of their upper fifth dimensions were brought into Earth as an experiment to assist the Heavenly Host, and see if they could follow directions positively. The experiment was successful. So on September 13, 2019, a colossal auxiliary fleet of many millions of Pleiadian Ships were brought through, and are now settled in around Earth as an Auxiliary arm to the Heavenly Host. They were not brought in because they were needed, but as an opportunity to help their own planets come out of their own conditions in due time by learning the ropes close at hand.

Like the Heavenly host, the Pleiadian Ships presence can be seen by distinct and unique signatures caused within the local environments of the third dimension below. Through the signatures, their incoming arrival was inadvertently caught on camera. Website posts a daily full frontal view of the Sun everyday showing the current activity coronal holes. On September 7, 2019, the view was normal like it had been everyday for years prior.

Then, on September 8, 2019, however, the output end of an Inter-stellar Starr Gate Portal had appeared in the middle of one of the Coronal holes, clearly seen in the screen capture of Fig. 2 below. Three Mobile Radionnic Ships Scout Ships sit right in the middle of the opening like a welcoming committee and to hold the position steady. Over the next few days the portal slowly rotated to the right due to the Sun's rotation, until finally disappearing behind the right limb of the Sun on September 13, 2019. The screen capture was an extremely lucky catch, just a few days later all traces of the portal had been scrubbed from's Wayback archive, and dummy Corona Hole photos from days past were inserted as a complete cover up.

Fig. 2 - South end of an Inter-Stellar Starr Gate Portal

The idea that three Radionnic Scout Ships could be sitting on the portal opening is not that far fetched. In fact, it's fact as shown by Fig. 3 below, which clearly shows three exact type Radionnic amigos sitting just off the Space Station. The Space Station photo popped up in the September 8, 2017 edition of the 'UK The Sun' newspaper, featuring a clear and unambiguous Negative pole Radionnic Mobile Scout type condensation, a clear and distinct Positive pole partner, and a not so clear and distinct Positive pole type second ship all sitting together. Nobody at the Newspaper end had any idea what they were, or even if they were actually crafts. But, you kind of had to know that the Ships themselves knew they were going to get photographed out the window of the Space Station, cause that's what people do. Convincing fervent UFO-ologists that Radionnic Ships are real is one thing, convincing fervent scientific sceptics and Newspaper journalists is quite another, who both tend to deny out of hand anything  not of the material plane as their affliction. The skate board like oval feet under the Ships are an magnetic effect from their field.

Fig. 3 - Radionnic Scout Ships off the Space Station

Fig. 4 below is a blow up just to be sure. Go back to Fig. 2 and look at the portal again. It is what it is, the ships are the same in kind. Don't forget these respective images have come straight out of hard nosed Reality and not out of someone's pass time muse.

Fig. 4 - Blowup

Then on September 13, 2019, all six of the Sun Astronomical observatories around the World were suddenly shut down on the pretext that pornography had been discovered on one of the computers. The real reason was that the Pleiadian Fleet had suddenly come through the portal, and had suddenly appeared sitting serenely just off the right limb of the Sun. Fortunately, G. H. of Salem, Indiana had caught them in her backyard observatory and had posted them all over the Internet.

Fig. 5 - Pleiadian Fleet Arrival

Confirmation can come in many ways. None is as convincing as the fact that a Pleiadian Ship like the vertical one near the bottom of Fig. 5 above somehow managed to find its way into the lens of a 'Google Maps' camera as seen in Fig. 6 below. It's sitting to the right overtop the hills over top the right apartments in the distance behind a Radionnic Anchor Ship which is phase shifting between the dimensions. The Pleiadian Ship even has prongs to the right and a rectangular patch between the prongs like the one above.

The Ships in the Pleiadian Fleet had to compress their density many, many thousand fold in order to gain a presence within Earth's lower dimensional environs. The extremely ungainly appearance of the Radionnic Anchor Ship part of the photo is not without good reason, explained in detail in Starrgram 2 of

Fig. 6 - Pleiadian Ship in the Distance

Like the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host, the Pleiadian Ships are also in Earth's fourth dimension, and can be easily noticed in the third dimension mostly by the signature cloud effects their magnetic fields produce in the atmosphere. Unlike the Radionnic Ships which are individually monopole and always project together as Radionnic pairs to preserve Universal Magnetic parity, the Pleiadian Ships are bipolar having both poles at the same time. Their signature cloud effects are consequently trapezoidal like a bar magnet, with the lines crosswise when their opposite magnetic poles are along their sides like the two Mother Ships in Fig. 1 above, and the parallel pair of a completely different type of Pleiadian 'Father Ship' raising quite a ruckus in Fig 7. below.

Fig. 7 - Side to Side Pleiadian Father Ship Magnetic Field

The crosswise Magnetic Field lines of a lengthwise Pleiadian 'Mother Ship' are much thicker, shown in Fig. 8 below. Mother Ships carry Ships, Father Ships carry people.

Fig. 8 - Side to side Pleiadian Mother Ship Magnetic Field

On the other hand, the lines of the Magnetic Field are lengthwise and short when the poles are at the ends of the ship, as with the completely different type of Pleiadian Mother Ship shown in Fig. 9 below.

Fig. 9 - End to End Pleiadian Mother Ship Magnetic Field

Fig. 10 below is a wider Father Ship version, sent in from a Friend of the cause in California. Like in Fig. 7 above, the magnetic lines are much thinner. Also note that the respective smudges at the opposite ends of both Fig. 9 and Fig. 10 differ somewhat similarly.

Fig. 10 - End to End Pleiadian Father Ship Magnetic Field

Because the magnetic poles on Pleiadian Ships are on the same ship, while the poles of Radionnic Ships are shared between Radionnic Ship pair, the characteristic difference between their respective magnetic field  lines is that the lines of the Pleiadian Ship cloud are always parallel like Figs. 7 to 10 above, whereas the lines of Radionnic Ship clouds spread out radially like the out stretched fingers of a hand as the Radionnic 'Mother Ship' field in Fig 11. below clearly shows. Characteristically, the right side lines go to the right, the center lines up, and the left side lines go to the left. The rule is simple, if the lines are in any way splayed it's Radionnic. If not, it's not.

Fig. 11 - Radially splayed Radionnic Mother Ship Field lines

Like the Pleiadian Ships, the Magnetic Lines of a Radionnic Father Ship Field Father Ship tendrils tend to be thinner and wispier like Fig.12 below. Likewise, whereas Pleiadian Ship Magnetic Fields tend to be local because the poles are on the same ship, the Magnetic Fields of Radionnic Ships can sometimes cover vast expanses because the polarity pair can sometimes be great distances apart. As before, Mother Ships carry ships Father Ships carry people. In Biblical times, arrays like Fig. 11 and 12 were called, 'Glory in the sky'.

Fig. 12 - Radially splayed Radionnic Father Ship Field lines

Like Radionnic Ships, Pleiadian Ships occur respectively in many assorted Mother and Father Ship configurations. In the Father Ship Pleiadian Pod of Fig. 13 below, the Magnetic lines remain tight crosswise within the ship rather than crosswise open inside the ship as per Fig 7.

Fig. 13 - Tight Pleiadian Father Ship Pod with tight magnetic lines

The Mother Ship version of a Pod is shown in Fig. 14 below, getting somewhat kicked around by the Magnetic influences of a Radionnic Father Ship at the center bottom plus two or so smaller Pleiadian Ships on the right side of the pod. The disturbances are a mixed bag. Don't forget that these respective fields are not necessarily on the same plane. If the Photo were in 3D, the Radionnic Ship could very well be way out in front and the upper most of the two smaller Pleiadian Ships way in back. Similarly, a very distinct similar but slightly beat up Mother Ship Pod version sits in the lower left of Fig. 8 above.

Fig. 14 - Pleiadian Mother Ship Pod with loose magnetic lines

Both Radionnic Ships and Pleiadian Ships also occur as filled out Radionnic cloud condensations. Unlike filled out Radionnic Ships cloud shape condensates which appear variously as cigar, saucer, sphere, and other fuzzy edged forms, Pleiadian filled out condensates usually appear trapezoidal in shape such as the Pleiadian cloud condensation in Fig. 15 below. The photo nicely shows a Radionnic cucumber shaped cloud, a Radionnic saucer shaped cloud and a Pleiadian trapezoidal shaped cloud all hanging out together for reasons known to them.

Fig. 15 - Collective Ship Example

Another example of Radionnic Ships and Pleiadian Ships working together, this time involving a Radionnic Field is seen in Fig. 16 below. The photo was taken in Brantford, Ontario, on the 17th of April, 2019. The Radionnic side is a Radionnic Father Ship Field sitting off in the distance over the Motel roof at the right. P's in a pod comprise the Pleiadian side in a very large Father Ship pod sitting much closer in at the left.  Another type of lengthwise Pleiadian cloud reflection, looking for all the world like a Pontiac automobile grill sits just to the right of the pod. Two more partially formed Pontiac Grills sit just to the upper right of it.

Similarly, the magnetic lines of a different type of Radionnic Father Ship with Radial Lines extending far out to the right sits just below the Pleiadian Mother Ship of Figure 8. The Radionnic Father Ship lines dominate the lower part of the Pleiadian Mother Ship lines, probably sitting well out in front.

Fig. 16 - Large Father Ship Pod and Pontiac Grill Like Example

Pleiadians also like to stick together with their own kind when called for, as the photograph Fig. 17 below shows quite admirably. The photo was taken by cell phone in Brantford, Ontario, on the twenty ninth of September, two thousand and fourteen. The photo shows eight Pleiadian Ships sitting vertically side by side like sardines in a can across the middle of the page. Part of an eighth similar to Fig. 8 is sticking out to the right from under the bottom of the fifth one. A very  large Fig. 8 type Ship sits slanting upwards from the center right.

At the lower right, two long white ones sit coming in from the right  At the lower left, another long white cloud type sits slanting up to the left. A small partial Pontiac Grill like Ship sits horizontally in the open blue patch in the lower middle. Small Radionnic Mobile Scouts Ships like those in Fig. 4 above, abound in the cumulus clouds across the middle right and all along the bottom. All in all quite the hob nob.

Fig. 17 - Two's company, sixteen's a crowd

Yet another distinct kind of Pleiadian signature contains what looks like someone's outstretched hand heading up to the upper right as seen in a Father Ship version Fig 18 below.

Fig. 18 - Pleiadian Hand

Photo Fig. 19 below from Can Stock has a Mother Ship hand ghosting away in the upper right quadrant. Plus two small pods are sitting in the clump of cloud at the lower right. Plus it has a long Pleiadian Ship slanting upwards left near the bottom left, plus a Radionnic field up the middle which is impossible to miss, plus a nice little saucer shaped Radionnic Ship sitting just above the hills at center left, and also a clutch of spherical Radionnic Scout Ships just to the right of the saucer. Also, like in Fig. 16 above, small Radionnic Scout Ships abound in the clouds up the left side of the Radionnic Field plus also to the right of the middle. You have to admit there's more than just a few of these things hanging around out there, this is just small one photograph in one small area of sky.

Fig. 17 above likewise abound in hands. There are at least two in the gap between the fifth and sixth sardine. Similarly, there are two at the right in the blue area in the middle. The are also two small Radionnic Ships in the blue area at the lower right. All In all it is a lot more common to find a clutch of assorted Ships hanging out together rather than just one hanging out by itself.

Fig. 19 - Pleiadian Hand, etc.

Similarly, as can be seen in the middle of the screen capture Fig. 20 below, a very distinct variant of a Pleiadian Mother Ship hand appeared suddenly on the surface of the Sun on February 23, 2020. Why it was there is anybody's guess. The important thing to know is that by good or by bad it was completely gone again the next day.

Fig. 20 -Pleiadian Solar Helping Hand

Keep in mind that all of the examples in Figs above and below are all just examples of a kind only, and not one and onlys of the kind. Both Radionnic and Pleiadian Ship effects vary almost endlessly like pooches according to their particular kind, depending on the current geological conditions of the moment such as position of the Sun, temperature, pressure, wind, overcast, etc., plus geographical conditions such as location on Earth, season of year, etc., and even Sun sign Astrophysical conditions such as the time of the day, time of the month, and month of the year.

Like Radionnic Ships, Pleiadian Ships can also produce Fall Streak Holes depending on the circumstances. While Radionnic Ship Fall Holes are typically ovular like Fig. 21 below or elongated like Fig. 22 below, Pleiadian Ships are true to form, producing Fall Streak Holes bearing the entirely different looking characteristics of a trapezoid such as Fig. 23 below. A part of a Radionnic Field can be seen peeking out from behind it.

Meteorologists believe that passing jets cause ice crystals to suddenly form above the cloud layer below, which falls by weight through the layer producing the Fall Streak hole effect observed. Some are. However, most are caused by Radionnic Ships and Pleiadian Ships settling in, which jars the ice process into motion producing very distinctive results. You might notice that there are literally hundreds of small Radionnic Scout Ships like those of Figs 3 and 4 above sitting all over the place in Fig. 23.

Similarly, now that Fig. 23 had tipped you off about what to look for, go back and look at the myriads and myriads of little Ships all over the place in Fig. 10. You should be starting to get the picture, there are lots and lots of these Ships around.  Take a second look at Fig. 22.

Fig. 21 - Oval Shaped Radionnic Fall Streak Hole

Fig. 22 - Elongated Radionnic Fall Streak Hole

Fig. 23 - Trapezoidal Pleiadian Fall Streak Hole

Fig. 25 below tells yet another story. Everyone knows the the closer to Earth's surface you get, the denser the atmosphere gets. Consequently, the lower the Ships project into the atmosphere the denser they get. The common cloud layer usually bottoms at a thousand feet. Radionnic Ships projecting below the cloud layer can appear in a super dense condensated form looking all but solid. The cigar shaped Mother Ship in Fig. 24 below looks as solid as it gets, but a baseball would go right through it. It also looks like someone's smoking it.

There's a maxim in Radionnics that states, 'One photo of a thing is a thing, two of the thing proves it.  A closer look at Fig. 15 above will reveal the same kind of Radionnic cigar ship sitting just below the left end of the cucumber Radionnic Ship. It even has the same kind of smoke coming off one end. A Pleiadian hand is holding the cigar.

Fig. 24 - Havana Cuban all the way

As stated above, two different cameras, from two different locations, in two different situations. I.e., two completely different photographs of the same thing goes to prove the thing. Three of the thing like Fig. 25 closes the book.  Notice the same type of Energy spots in the exact same place on both Fig. 24 above and Fig 25. below. End of story.

Fig. 25 - One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and now ya know.

And now the Ship everyone's been waiting for, the shiny silver M&M. Radionnic Ships will also project close to the surface as the World famous silver disk as in Fig. 26 below. Remember, this is highly concentrated water you're looking at and not nickel or Molybdenite.

Fig. 26 - Radionnic Silver Ship

Pleiadian Ships also project below the cloud layer, usually producing a similar quasi-solid visage but which will be angular in configuration like the two in Fig. 1 above. Pleiadian Ships  also project in much more common completely opposite shapes, which are very Organic in appearance like Fig. 27 below.

Fig. 27 - Pair of Organic Pleiadian Ships, one low the other higher

When higher up, the rectangular Pleiadian Ships like Fig. 1 above produce cloud effect presences like Fig. 7 and 8 above. The Organic versions close to the surface like Fig. 27 above will produce Pleiadian lines like Fig. 10 above. Part of a Fig. 10 type Pleiadian Ship is showing above the ship in Fig. 27 above. Pleiadian Pods like Figs. 14 and 16 above come from ships like Fig. 28 below, which was photographed over Tenerife in the Canary Islands in 2018. The magnetic field effect producing surf board like feet on the Small Radionnic Scout Ships, look like suction cups on the larger Pleiadian Ships.

Fig. 28 - Condensated Pleiadian Pod Ship

Versions like Fig. 29 below produce Pontiac grills like Fig. 16. Fig. 29 looks quite similar to Fig. 28 above, however what lines you can see in Fig. 28 are crosswise, whereas in Fig. 29 below they are along the length. The magnetic field effect producing feet on the Small Radionnic Scout Ships, look like suction cups on the larger Pleiadian Ships.

Fig. 29 - Condensated Pontiac Grill Type Pleiadian Ship

Conveniently, Fig. 30 below has both a Fig. 27 and Fig. 28 type Pleiadian Ship sitting well below the cloud layer..

Fig. 30 - Condensated pair.

For the record, trapezoidal Pleiadian ships like in Fig.1 above produce condensations like Fig.31 below.

Fig. 31 - Condensated Trapaziods

Among other responsibilities, the Pleiadians have been given the arduous task of helping to dissolve the myriads of lower fourth dimensional NPlus static patches sitting in small and large reddish globs all over the Planet. The NPlus static around Earth and within Mans' consciousness is the entirety of everything you call evil.

Two enormous dense globs of NPlus static sat over Sodom and Gomorrah during Atlantis. The two globs were exploded during a laser cannon fist fight which had broken out between two warring factions of Baal worshipping black magicians who had been centered in Sodom and Gomorrah. The explosions brought about the whole worldwide fall of Atlantis.

Similarly, two and a half billion years ago the whole third and fourth dimension of Maldek between Mars and Jupiter had become one big dirty thick black gooey NPlus static blob. Which was likewise exploded by the same two laser shooting warring black magic factions, causing Maldek to lose it's whole third dimensional outer material body. Which is now the asteroid belt. How the five hundred Draconian Black Masters of Maldek wound up in Atlantis is explained in Starrgram 12 of

The reddish patches around Earth range in size from small blobs in a lady's back yard like Fig. 32 below, to sizeable swaths over some of the bigger cities like Fig. 33 below. It isn't how big the cities are or how dense the populations that determines the amount of static, It's what the people are doing in the area that is or isn't in accord with Cosmic Law that creates the static. Sodom and Gomorrah were prime examples of that.

In denser concentrations like on Maldek, the static becomes jet black. Until recently the whole of Earth's two lower fourth dimensional Hell states were a Stygian Deep of dense black NPlus static. The work of cleaning them up was begun in earnest in the early nineteen seventies and they are all but crystal clear now. Looking somewhat now like the Caribbean Oceans sixty to seventy five feet down. While they are being cleared Earth is being enveloped in a sea of pure emerald green love frequencies from the Heavenly Host to keep the unstable Stygian Nplus concentrations from exploding while the clearing was been going on.

Human eyes can't see the static because it's in a frequency of visible light which is above that of most Humans. Cameras are set for cut off at a considerably higher spectrum level than Humans, so cameras can see them no problem. So can animals. The bright white sphere lighting up the static in Fig. 32 below is a Radionnic guardian orb which was shielding the lady from the static. Lots going on.

Fig. 32 - NPlus Static - Uhgg!

Fig. 33 below from the Internet shows sloppy red patches of NPlus static sitting above someplace somewhere at the upper right. Not exactly Sodom or Gomorrah, but definitely requiring the removal services of somebody sometime. There are also a slew of Radionnic effects all over the place but that's definitely good.

Fig. 33 - NPlus Static Bad! Radionnics good!

This Revelation as compelling as it is, is not actual proof that Space Ships really do exist. That comes later, to each of you individually the day you step out the door, look up and say, "Holy Mackerel'.  'Holy Mackerel' indeed, some of these panoramic visages can send IMax and Cinerama back to the drawing board. Once you see one for yourself and know exactly what it is, no one will ever be able to talk you out of it, and therein lies the proof.

Likewise, for those of you who are wondering what the so called 'Ashtar Command' is all about, the sic, vast purported Pleiadian Fleet under command of sic, Commander Ashtar is dealt with in Starrgram 21 of You just need to remember that really noisy smoke and mirrors can sometimes fool a lot of people.

Once Earth has been returned to the fifth dimension two thousand years from now, the main bodies of the Radionnic Ships and Pleiadian Fleet will move on to the next of the twenty five hundred Planets down the line slated to get the lye soap treatment. A new Radionnic Host will move in to Earth whose frequencies will be attuned to the job of readying Mankind for teleporting Earth to the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years for now where it will begin its new career as a Radiant Protostarr.

Also be advised to take the above information above from the beginning as a teaching consideration rather than as a presentation of neat things to know. You now understand details about the Pleiadian fleet not known before. You also know aspects about the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly host never even previously suspected as a warm up to the full Disclosure of the Heavenly Host at

This information as a whole has been handed down to Humanity from the Melchizedek World's of the Magellanic Clouds in order to unconditionally reveal a complete picture of the higher Realities of the Cosmos throughout all frequencies of all dimensions. The extended new Revelations is called 'The Revelatorium Revelations'.

The 'Revelatorium Revelations' is presented in three parts. The three parts are respectively:

1. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation'.

2. 'The 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega'.

3. 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host'.

Specifically: - 'The Intelligent Design' is the complete set of rules and principles by which all of Creation has been blue printed and expressed. The 'Revelatorium' is about how the Intelligent Design has come out into the various aspects of Creation that are relevant to people such as Re-Incarnations, Soul Mates, Tree of Life, Luciferian Rebellion and Battle of Armageddon, Root Races, etc. The 'Radionnic Ships' reveals in exquisite detail the types of UFO currently present in great number in Earth's atmosphere, but which are completely un-suspected by nearly everyone including all the Government agencies currently dealing with such UFO matters. This current Starrgram presenting the Pleiadian Fleet herein, is expanded considerably in Starrgram 21 of The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly host.

Also, please note that the 'Revelatorium Revelations' is a pure Christ Melchizedek teaching, given to you by grace from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds to help progress your consciousnesses into full fifth dimensional realization. It is for the benefit of all Humanity and not for the sake of a privileged few. Nor is it intended to be used for self gain or malpractice, nor is it the product of conjecture or pontification, nor is it a doctrine or personal belief, nor does it represent a new philosophy, religion, or group,  nor is it intended to stir up controversy or debate, nor is it to be used as fodder for a Church.

It is suggested you start with the Radionnic Ships as it is the less ardent of the three. Then read the Intelligent Design since the Revelatorium often refers to facts from the Design which are helpful to know.

The three websites are respectively:

1. -

2. -

3. -


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